Excessive Salt
Many nutritionists believe that salt is too freely used in the ordinary diet and, could be one of the main causes of cancer. Most cancer patient are therefore, prescribed salt-free diets. It is claimed that salt is often responsible for excessive hydrochloric acid in the stomach. This burns and injures the tissues and leads to stomach ulcers, which may even develop into cancer. The Crile clinic in Cleveland insists on salt-free diets for patients suffering from stomach ulcers. The liberal intake of salt often nullifies the beneficial effects of foods such as celery, cucumbers, greens and spinach.
World Health Organization (WHO) reported from Japan that it has been statistically demonstrated that the frequency of cancer of the stomach in Japan, is definitely related to the quantity of salt consumed by the natives. The more salt in the diet, the more stomach cancer.
Sugar is also considered harmful and its excessive consumption can lead to the development of cancer. Recently, a Nobel Prize winner of the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, Dr. Otto Meyerhoff, spoke of the evidence connecting the excessive consumption of sugar with cancer by calling attention to “the appetite of tumours for sugar.” He suggested that the growth of cancerous tissue might possibly be stopped if biochemists could find a way of curing this appetite.
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