Cosmetic creams
Many cosmetic companies claim that their products have anti-wrinkle properties and can even repair the cells. These claims are not based on scientific fact and are confusing and misleading to the general public. Recently, several companies have incorporated sunscreen agents in their night creams in order to ‘legitimately’ claim anti-ageing properties. This is obviously deceptive and inappropriate.
Vitamin tablets
Vitamin tablets have also been promoted as anti-ageing agents. Current research is looking into the benefits of vitamin therapy in the ageing process. Although there is some evidence that vitamins behave as anti-oxidants and can influence the ageing process, it is still too early to draw any definite conclusions.
Beauty therapy
Beauty treatments have been used for many years in an attempt to prevent and treat ageing skin. Although facial treatments and massages are very pleasant and relaxing, they do not prevent or treat ageing. More recently beauty therapists have advertised new treatments for ageing and wrinkles, including the use of cold lasers, regenerating ampoules and skin stimulating techniques. Although these sound very attractive, they have no proven scientific benefit. Nonetheless, the mystique of the beauty industry continues to promise the impossible.
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